Human Vs Computer

Are humans the best marketers or is Star Wars taking over?

Since the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI), a confusing and repetitive question has been around lately: How can we benefit from AI and implement it wisely in our respective field?

We heard before that technology might dominate or eliminate some jobs from humans for many reasons that could be cost reduction by reducing the number of employees, mistake avoidance, smart decision-making, or even increased productivity. This fear of the competition between humans and machines is not new, on the contrary, it has been around  for ages and we have witnessed that in Sci-Fi movies, novels, etc..

First, let’s understand Artificial Intelligence (AI) in simple terms

In simple words, AI is a technology “let’s imagine it as a computer” that we feed with vast amounts of information about various fields. Being a computer, its ability to store, filter, and analyze data and pictures is fast, unlike humans. 

The most important question is: shall we allow ourselves to use AI, or shall divert our attention as if nothing has happened?

There is no escaping the competition between humans and computers. Therefore, it is important to maintain a wisely friendly relationship with this evolutionary technology. It works in our favor, even in the fields of marketing, content writing, and design.

AI Vs Marketing ??

Artificial Intelligence is present and predictions state that we will witness enormous changes in the marketing field, as a study by McKinsey mentioned that AI will have a major financial impact aligned with sales. 

AI exists in many areas in marketing such as data analysis, studying customer behavior, content writing, email marketing, and more. We can take it positively by considering Artificial Intelligence in marketing like programs that help us to deliver better ideas and work results, just like any other programs we use in our work to make the mission easy. 

Let’s see how AI can be a friend to us “we the marketing enthusiasts”, creating a Win-Win situation

This technology is exciting for us, the marketing audience, as it acts as our buddy in many areas. Let’s have a look at some of them:

Public Relations

Weird, isn’t it. Let’s imagine together that we have a product or a service that we would like to introduce to the audience. We might consider  marketing it through social media, content creators, influencers, and paid or non-paid ads. Now the question is, how will AI help us achieve that? Your intelligence, dear marketer, will play a role in proving that you and this technology are buddies. Simply, AI will guide you to platforms, influencers, and others that will add valuable impact to your product or service, depending on their influence and the extent of their followers’ interest in your products or services.

Content Writing

It is an advantage for content writing, indeed. AI can assist you in finding topics that are relevant to your field of writing, suggest topics that are of significant interest and are expected to be viewed and read, help you in choosing your keywords, and much more. 

Let’s not forget that “Content is King”. Good content leads to better reach, thus resulting in higher sales.


The “Mad Men” era has come to an end. A time when creative ideas, artistic slogans, and mistake avoidance were enough to succeed in the market. If you are aiming to survive the sea of smart competitors, AI is important. It will help you, particularly in finding new audiences for your ad and converting them into customers, deciding your ad’s budget, predicting the ad’s results before publishing, creating a creative visual ad, and setting goals for your advertisement’s campaign. 

Artificial intelligence can be employed to serve us, the army of marketers

Let’s explore some AI platforms that work on our side:

Social media accounts management; such as creating, scheduling, publishing, and analyzing content performance across different platforms. Not only that, but it also suggests topics and content to publish and the time to do so. Also, republishing previous successful content in an improved way. All that is done through AI implementation.

A smart, trained platform for writing marketing content and focuses on marketing aspects like articles, social media posts, email marketing, attention-grabbing headlines, and the list goes on. We can say if your writing is marketing-focused and you are confused between ChatGPT and, pick the latter, no need to overthink it!

IBM Watson

This smart platform assists you in understanding folders and content analysis, especially for those who are working in the customer service field. You will be able to respond to their inquiries and understand demands, even when presented in complex language.

Salesforce Einstein

They say “Name is Omen”. This platform is named after the genius Einstein, with the smartness of it you will be able to take care of your relationship with your customers, which you need to manage in an organized way. It will predict your customer’s experience so you can improve your products or services and it’s integrated with a customer relationship management software (CRM). The platform will help you in making decisions based on available data and improving your customers’ experience.

Adext AI

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) field is inevitable. Its implementations are diverse and interfere with many other sectors. The best solution here is to face reality and utilize it to your advantage; at the end, humans understand one another better and keep in mind not allowing technology to steal away your ideas and creativity.. Think, create, and share what you have with those around you. Do not allow technology to eliminate the function of your genius mind.

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