Sukar Al-Osra

Client Al Osra Service Packing Project Description Al Osra provides sugar, sold in multiple supermarkets. Our team created packaging for playing cards that were created as part of a PR kit. Content

Sky pinz Packing

Client Skypinz Service Packing Project Description Sky Pinz is a Saudi e-commerce website that specializes in selling premium local pins and stickers reflecting creativity and artistry. We provided creative packaging for the pins. These packagings include adding the pin on a drawing of a backpack or a t-shirt, showcasing different ways you can add the […]

Bunna Packing

Client Bunna Service Packing Project Description Bunna sells enriched fresh coffee beans mainly imported from Africa. We worked on the packaging of their coffee beans. Creating innovative packages to entice customers to purchase. The inspiration for the packaging came from the origin of the coffee beans. Content