Panda National Day video

Client Panda Service Video and Audio Production Project Description Panda is a well-known hypermarket that provides many essential and non-essential products. Bringing the history and the new modern-day Panda, we created an emotional Panda Saudi national day video that brought Panda before and after, where people are purchasing the products. Content

Organic Leaf

Client Organic Leaf Service Video Production  Project Description The company provides different products for the skin. We worked on the video production for their new face cream, showcasing the before and after applying the face cream. Using fun and fast motion, allows consumers to want to know more by entering the website. Content

Dinamica Video Production

Client Dinamica Service Video Production  Project Description The company provides automotive services for vehicles. Our videographer worked on capturing the cars while they are getting the services to promote the services they provide. We also worked on creating social media posts. We wanted to show the luxury and speed these cars held and through that, […]

2-1 video

زينه عماد في اعلان جولجيت

Client Colgate Service Video production Project Description Colgate is an American multinational consumer products company providing personal care and veterinary products. As a team, we worked with none other than Zaina Emad to produce a commercial video. In this project, we provided video production including an influencer service Content

Coffee Beauty shoots

coffee process

Service Video production Project Description Coffee is currently a social media hype. Our video production department took this into consideration and produced a marvelous beauty shot of the coffee. Content

Makeup video

makup brush

Service Video production Project Description Our Team got inspired to produce a creative, colorful video by using the right beat, and many editing and shooting tricks to match the cosmetics and makeup industry. Content

Informative video and motion

Marriott hotel

Client Marriott Hotel Service Video and motion graphics  Project Description Dur Hospitality company owns and operates a number of hotels across the kingdom, and it is one of the first companies to introduce the concept of 5 stars hospitality to the kingdom. The inside and outside of the hotel were filmed professionally and the perfect […]

Emotional social message

شارع فاضي في الحجر الصحي

Client FAW Service Video production Project Description FAW is a Car Rental Company, with a leading name in the automotive industry. It sent an awareness emotional societal message due to the demand to follow the Ministry of Health instructions to quarantine for the Covid-19 pandemic. Our team worked on video shooting, scriptwriting and all the visual […]

Mercedes-Benz video

سيارة مرسيدس

Client Mercedes-Benz Service Video production Project Description Mercedes-Benz, commonly referred as Mercedes, is a German luxury automotive marque. Mercedes-Benz produces consumer luxury and commercial vehicles. Using a dark mode in shooting, our team directed and filmed a professional video to reflect the luxury of its cars and the Mercedes brand. Content

Saudi National Day 89 song

رفع العلم السعودي

Client General Entertainment Authority Service Video and Audio production Project Description CousinED Project in Saudi National Day Content